Other applications

There are many other areas zeolites are being used in today

Next to the previously mentioned applications there are many other areas zeolites are being used in today. Although the below list will not be complete, it will demonstrate the wide range of applications where zeolites play a role.

  • It is used in combination with zinc-salts as stabilizer in PVC (to replace the much less environmentally friendly lead based systems).
  • It finds application as opacifier and titanium dioxide extender in paints, coatings and paper.
  • In agricultural applications it is not only used as flow aid to keep fertilizer free flowing, but it also finds applications as foliant (treatment on leaves to protect them from drying).
  • In soil improvement, zeolites bind nutrients and are lowly releasing them as needed by the soil and plants thus preventing nutrient loss by leaching.
  • In the newest types of dishwashers, especially the most energy efficient ones, it is used to assist with drying.
  • In construction applications it can be found as extender to cement.
  • In animal feed it is used as an additive to reduce smell of manure.
  • It can be used in cat litter to absorb odour.
  • In biotechnology, zeolites have been experimentally used as an immobilization matrix for bacteria.

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