Health applications

Zeolites are used as desiccants in drug container caps to keep the drugs dry

Non fibrous synthetic zeolites have no known toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic or hormone-like effects. This makes them a safe and sustainable material for the numerous applications presented on the EUZEPA homepage.

Most of these applications have an indirect beneficial effect on human and animal health through their positive environmental effects. For instance catalysts reduce air pollution and zeolites can be used to remove contaminants from waste water.

A more direct impact on our health have zeolites as desiccants in drug container caps to keep the drugs dry or as a component of dental cements. As the main acting principle in health related treatments, zeolites are used as feed additive to reduce the risk of milk fever in cattle. In humans, zeolites can be used for heavy metal detoxification, including radioactive isotopes, or as an aid to stop bleeding. Due to the strictly physical mode of action, zeolites are not considered as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in these applications.

The medical potential of synthetic zeolites has not yet been exploited to a significant extent, though in the life science literature articles have been published where zeolites have been used as API carriers.