EUZEPA represents major producers of synthetic zeolites in Europe

EUZEPA is a non-profit organisation representing major producers of synthetic zeolites in Europe. EUZEPA Sector Group gathers the main European producers of synthetic zeolites. This European Association operates under the umbrella of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council located in Brussels.

EUZEPA’s key objectives and main tasks are:

  • To maintain a positive image for ZEOLITES by promoting their safe and proper use.
  • To collect pertinent literature and prepare industry position papers on major issues.
  • To maintain a high level of technical understanding of the products, identifying the needs for toxicological and environmental research, sponsoring the work when needed and working with scientists and regulators for the interpretation of results.
  • To follow-up actions of the regulators, opinion leaders, NGO's and trade associations.
  • To maintain a technical dialogue between the companies and with the Cefic special parties as support to its responsibility on environment and safety pursuing similar interests, at national and international level.
  • Legislation implementation through the European zeolites producers; Monitor and respond to regulatory initiatives in the European Commission and other international bodies that involve or may affect zeolite, such as legislation on waste, classification and labelling, food and feed, …
  • Review scientifical and technical literature and collect statistical information on production of zeolites (in compliance with Cefic rules)
  • Promote contact with counterpart and zeolite producers/associations outside the European Union.
  • EUZEPA members operate modern, fuel-efficient plants maintaining the highest standards of health and safety to protect both the workforce and the environment. All EUZEPA members fully support and implement the Europe-wide Cefic Responsible Care initiative.